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Donna Marie Tyree from Madison Heights, VA | Friday March 22, 2013
Lovin' the new site! Great job, babe!
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Sandy Campbell from Madison Heights | Wednesday March 20, 2013
Matt, I like the new site! Even I can figure out how to use it! I am going now to look over your artwork ... as you know - I LOVE IT! I am SO proud of you, son! Love you!
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TIM HISE from Bedford | Monday February 23, 2009
Matt glad to see you stuck with you awesome talet that you have had for as long as I have known you. I hope this gift takes you where ever you want to go in life, as i am sure it will. I am glad to call you a long time friend!!!! Keep up the great work! TIM HISE
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Matthew Tyree from Wichita Kansas | Wednesday January 2, 2008
Hey Matt! Love your art! Fellow RC'er here! And fellow Matt Tyree as well!! Matt
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Matthew Tyree from Clarksville TN | Wednesday August 1, 2007
Are you related to the Tyree's from Sullivan MO?
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katie tyree from Orting/Washington | Wednesday September 13, 2006
my husbands name is matt tyree. WORD
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Anna from Germany | Friday February 25, 2005
hi ahm coole seite und soo ...schaut am besten mal bei lokarl rein ....seee you later aligater oda so
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Sandy Campbell from Amherst | Thursday February 24, 2005
You are AWESOME!
Travis O. from Winchester | Wednesday February 23, 2005
Hey Bro! You already know how blown away I am by your work, but is that going to prevent me from telling you again in your guestbook?... Absolutely not! Keep on doing what you do. Hope to see some more of them killer comic pages of yours at my local comic shop someday soon. T
Gabriel from Rio Rancho New Mexico | Tuesday January 4, 2005
You have very nice work! Sites like these inspire me to draw more. I like to collect pics in my personal folder in my cpu for insparation. Thx :)
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