How much do you charge for commissions?

The rates listed below are a loose representation of what I may charge for a drawing in that category. Basically, I derive my price from what the client wants, based on a general description from them. But, to get you in the ballpark, here's the list:
Description Price
Sketch - One Character (8.5x11 Paper) $25
Sketch - Two-Four Characters (8.5x11 Paper) $40
One figure - 11x17 Art Board
Minimal to no background*
Two - four figures - 11x17 Art Board
Minimal or no background*
$70 per figure
One - four figures - 11x17 Art Board
Simple background*
$85 per figure
One - four figures - 11x17 Art Board
Detailed background*
$100 per figure
Character design based on description
provided by creator **
Limited color work on simple drawings*** $50-$100
ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING (For US shipping up to $10).
*Prices (except Sketch) are based on pencil drawings on 11x17 comic board. Prices may be reduced in the event that the client does not require the original drawing. Scanned images or images done solely with my Wacom Cintiq (no physical art) may be sent to the client at full size, 400dpi. In this case, a new price will be quoted for the job. ALL prices are estimates ONLY. Prices are quoted per client for each specific job.
**Character design includes the following:
  • Time spent with creator in getting the look they desire (Up to 8 hours, $40 ea. additional hour).
  • Up to 3 views of the character on 8.5x11 paper. These are loose drawings, not finished pinups. (Time spent on character drawings do not add to 8 hour max on design time)
  • Creator is given full copyright properties. The artist retains no claim or right to royalties on the creator's design.
***The artist is not a professional digital colorist. However, he will provide color on simple lineart drawings. Samples can be found in the Illustrations Section of this site. Artist will not offer color services on fully rendered comic book style art. Price range is dependent on the amount of color work required. Firm price is given once the level of work is determined.

How can I hire Matt to draw me a purty picture?

If you'd like to hire me for a commission piece just email me with a description of what you'd like and I'll reply with a firm price for the job. You can use the link above or go to the Contact Section and use the form provided there to email me.

How long does it take you to draw it?

It depends on my current workload, but I can usually get it done within a week. A schedule will be determined when we discuss your commission.

How do I pay for it?

Preferred payment is via PayPal. However, I will also accept Check or Money Order. Art will not be shipped until personal checks have cleared.

PayPal Payments:

Credit Cards gladly accepted using PayPal.

How does it get to me?

All commission pieces are packaged with care and sent via USPS Priority Mail. Typically I loosely roll the drawing and send it in a shipping tube. This assures the most safety of the piece while in transit. Drawings ship upon receipt of payment. Okay, now all the shipping rules...

Shipping Information:
Shipping charges are paid by the artist up to $10.00. Charges exceeding $6.00 (including that of optional insurance and other options) are to be paid by the buyer.
Insurance will be applied to packages at buyer's request and expense. Packages will be insured for the purchase price of the art.
The artist is not responsible for items damaged in transit.
In the event that an INSURED package is damaged in transit, the buyer will be reimbursed with the insurance amount collected. As a courtesy, steps may be taken by the artist to attempt to gain reimbursement for a damaged NON-INSURED package with no guarantee of success.
International Shipping:
Yes, commissions are available internationally.
International buyers are required to pay the full amount of shipping charges. Minimum shipping charge is $10.00.
In the event that an international buyer requests more than one commission, standard practice will be to hold the art until all art is done and ship it in one package. This is done in an effort to save the buyer money on shipping charges. However, the buyer may request that the art be sent individually upon completion.
Insured/Non-Insured packages: See Shipping info above.
International packages may be sent via USPS, UPS or FedEx (artist choice depending on current shipping rates).

How long before I get my original Matt Tyree artwork?

Well, that all depends on how long it takes me to get my lazy rear to the post office! Just kidding. Typically, you should receive your package no more than a week after I receive payment.

Thanks for the interest in my art! I hope to work with you soon!

Matt Tyree

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